Viva la Diva: 32 Metallic Eyeshadows

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Viva la Diva is one of those brands that offer affordable make-up yet it's actually quality oriented as well! A lot of their products are highly pigmented (which is usually the issue with budget brands) and long lasting. I've been looking at this palette for a while and finally decided to buy it since I want a bronze/champagne look for prom.
The shadows have a fatter texture which is really interesting and with water they are supposedly even more pigmented (which I can imagine since this seems to be the case with most eye shadow and especially with metal finish ones). So far I've tried it quickly with a brush and with my fingers and I think they apply more even with fingers (but I suspect it's the brush I'm using).

Light wash of colour
Primer - Metallic - Matte - Matte layered with Metallic
I'm going to experiment some more, but swiping it across the back of my hand shows that the pigmentation can get intense (which is the goal) and they seem a little more resistant to water once they're on the lids. I've used one of the more champagne coloured ones alone and because of the shimmer they can easily be used on their own.

Iron Man vibes, anyone?

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