Natural Face Scrub: Coconut + Tea Tree + Honey + Sugar

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There are countless amount of ways to make masks for the skin and every so often it's good to give your skin a bit of a polish with a nice boost, since I've recently come upon coconut oil (the texture is just divine) I've been experimenting with it - here's a nice scrub/mask if you're up for it.

I don't use any special type of measurements, I loosely grab a bit of the following:

  • Coconut oil - natural moisturiser.
  • Tea tree oil - disinfecting
  • Honey - antibacterial and soothing
  • Sugar - works as a nice buffer

Then I mix them together with a little spatula (spoon will be just as nice), I like to place mine in the fridge for a while so it's nice and cool on the skin (and kind of like a balm, due to the coconut oil). You don't need a lot of tea tree oil as it can be a little harsh on the skin, but this scrub should work nicely for people with clogged pores (and/or acne).

Remember: don't scrub too hard!

Afterwards, I feel soft and fresh.

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