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Phew, my activity on the blog is low - buuut, not only is prom tomorrow, graduation is next week! On top of that I have been lucky enough to get a full time job that I am busy preparing for - enough stalling! I have a review for you!

Since my skin has been acting up a lot (possibly from the Exuviance) I decided to get myself a type of mask that I know works in most forms - peel-off masks, in my opinion these are one of those types of masks that usually works in case your skin is feeling extra clogged, and from all of the breakouts I have been having there was no time like the present.
I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and all over dehydration, this can cause a lot of backup in my system and even though I consider myself to be very strict with my skincare a little extra effort goes a long way - so for prom I bought this online for about £7 (buying a tube is a lot more economical than buying packages, and searching for deals is a lot better than buying from the first best thing since you can find these masks for a low price).

This mask is to be used on freshly cleansed skin and is to sit for 10-15 minutes (or until dry) with a descent thickness on the layer (thick enough for you to be able to peel it off without ripping and thin enough so it won't take forever to dry), after a whiles it's supposed to help fine lines, spots and, most important, blackheads (clogged and "open" pores).

So for the big question, did it work?
I don't experience a lot of problems with blackheads and I don't personally think that this is so horribly stuck to the skin that it physically hurts to remove it (this is apparently a thing?), but when I peel it off (I watch closely) I can see it pulling out some of the gunk and the skin feels smooth afterwards, I have been using it for a couple of weeks and have found that my skin has in fact improved quite a bit, this is of course probably in conjunction with the stress levels going down but I'm actually quite fond of it, for the price I found it at it's quite a bargain.

A good mask if you can find it for the right price!

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