ELF: Small Stipple Brush

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I've been quite busy for the past few days, prom came and went and I've officially graduated with university around the corner - I'm hoping that I'll get a lot more time over for beauty blogging, even though I have a full-time job to tend to as well (and I no longer have a computer that is effective).

Today, I'd like to review a brush.
The Small Stipple Brush from ELF is a two layered brush with both soft and stiff bristles, the small size of it gives it a sturdy bottom which makes it less flimsy than the bigger version that ELF has (which is absolute shit to be frank), it being firm and soft makes it perfect for applying blush or highlight in an airbrushed way without it settling too much into the pores.

The actual bristles, regarding the density and softness, are great and a real bang for you buck (£3.95), but the actual handle is nothing less than rubbish - the bristles have yet to come off, but the two piece handle came off after one or two washes due to the terrible gluing and the varnish or whatever began to crack and peel shortly after the first usage.

In other words, the bristles are great and the handle is shoddy - because of the price it's actually worth it though.

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