Yves Rocher: Mini Summer Haul

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I am desperately trying to be more frequents in my updates, but technology is just doing its best to work against me.

Summer is a great shopping season in this country, the weather is descent and the shops offer great discounts (anywhere from 30 - 70 %) and Yves Rocher is always so clever in offering gifts to their members as they purchase things.

This time around I received an offer saying that I got 30 % off on everything I purchase, a small bottle of lotion (I chose vanilla scented) and a wristwatch if I spent of a certain amount of money. Heading in there I already knew that I wanted the Sculpting Glow Enhancer, it gives of a subtle bronze touch to the face (funny story, two days before I'd been in there coveting and I thought to myself that I would wait another day or two to be really sure and then bam - discount in the mail!), I got a Vitamin Mist for the face with grapefruit, which is just nice and refreshing in the summer when it gets a bit heated and humid and then I bought three packs of these strange little sweets/vitamins (for the record, Vita'mour tastes especially awful).

Oh, Yves.

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