Haircare Experiment: Oils

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I decided to add some luxe into my regimen and have invested in some fancier products:

Moroccanoil: Treatment
Probably one of the most famous fancy haircare lines in my region, people seem to love it! This particular product is for all kinds of hair and is supposedly going to help dryness and frizz. Built on the natural gold that is argan.

Macadamia: Healing Oil Spray
I kind of swayed between this and the actual oil, but in the end I figured I wanted something lighter in my arsenal that I could use as a quick shine boost (and detangling). Features macadamia and argan, my first impression was that I didn't love the sent...

Waterclouds: Repair Argan Oil Serum
I wanted to try this after reading about it on a blog, so this is the main reason as to why I ordered it. It contains argan oil and vitamin E which is supposed to help strengthen the hair. My first notice was about the scent, but as I can't just judge it on that I'd like to go on the record to say that it gave off a nice shine the first time I used it.

Let's pray to my head so that I can have long, luscious locks.

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