Yves Rocher: Hydra Végétal

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I received three of the products from the Hydra Végétal-series from Yves Rocher for my birthday, and thusly got a good two months usage out of the products which is enough for me to have formed an opinion.

Before I graduated, I randomly went to one of the pharmacies who gave a free overview of your skin and I found out that I have very dehydrated skin (something I had discussed with a friend earlier as her beautician had informed her that it was common for teenagers to have very dehydrated skin on top of everything else).
Now, I've tried two of the other products and personally I like the cleansing milk and hydration serum - they're really nice - but the others didn't really tickle my fancy (haha, tickle my fancy).

Refreshing Gel Cleanser
Claims to eliminate make-up and impurities in depth and to leave skin feeling clean, in my opinion I think it's a decent cleanser - it gets all of your make-up off and stuff but it's very gentle, now personally I prefer to have a bit rougher cleanser, not so that the face feels stripped of nice and juicy, natural oils - but just to that it feels truly refreshing.

Hydrating Toner
Says that it will remove the last of impurities, boost the radiance and both tone and moisturise the skin and I have to say that this is my favourite product out of the three, it's a nice and gentle toner that feels sort of like regular water on the skin - except that it doesn't dry it out. Some part of me thinks that this could perhaps substitute a moisturiser for people with extremely oily skin.

24 Hour Rich Hydrating Day Cream
This moisturiser claims to give your skin long lasting hydration (24 hours), visible addition to plumpness and unparalleled comfort - I don't know about you, but I've found that I don't really like Yves Rocher's moisturisers and creams and this one is just another one that I don't like. This was way too heavy for my skin (they have a gel textured moisturiser but I tend to not like those) and I had to wait a few minutes before I could walk out the door because this moisturiser literally had droplets of moistness forming on my nose which was horrible.

I just want beautiful skin.

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