H&M: Eyelash Curler

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I am constantly surprised by H&M's make-up tools considering the prize of it, while the quality can fluctuate on make-up I've actually found that all four of my most used make-up tools are from H&M!
Mine is in black.
Who says that eyelash curlers have to be expensive? My criteria for eyelash curlers include actually being able to curl the eyelash and not snipping them off - I'm not willing to pay £30 when I can get one just as good for  £2.99!

Being someone who doesn't wear mascara all that often (being more about lipstick) I don't find the idea of paying multitude for mascara or eyelash curlers especially tempting, and so I am delighted to have H&M's curler because I find it does everything that any other curler I've ever tried does!

I've never once worried about having my eyelashes snipped off and it curls the lashes the perfect amount for me (though, it should be noted that I don't have short eyelashes, so I can't  and won't speak for everyone).

The best thing about it? I've had mine for years!

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