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If you're into beauty (or more specifically; skincare) you've probably heard that snail slime is terrific for your skin since snail have the extraordinary ability to heal themselves like no other inside their shells - so a bunch of companies have been producing various serums and things to take advantage of the beautiful sliminess.
Introducing the revolution in skin care . SNAIL EXTRACT NOURISHING SERUM tones , regenerates and rejuvenates the skin like no other product.
A jar of 50 ml will cost somewhere between £10-20 depending on who the retailer is, and since it's not that pricey (considering it's a serum) I decided to go for it - it claims to do a whole bunch of stuff, including repair scarred skin, make your skin luminous, smooth and hydrated.

That's where they lost me.

Opening the jar, the product smells heavily of alcohol (which so happens to be very drying for the skin), but I went with it - thinking that it was probably because it's in gel form. However, after applying it I found that it made my skin feel dry and tight - no biggie, I have moisturiser - turns out it's a biggie.

My biggest issue with this is that it certainly doesn't fight my acne - it makes me break out whenever I use it, and not just one spot here or there but several - and I would never ever ever willingly buy a product that causes acne (that's what we're trying to get rid of). Sometimes I would stop using it for a few days and the spots would start to vanish, but once I started it back up - along they came.

This is quite a long-lasting product, so even thought I'd been using it day and night for quite some while it just never seemed to hit bottom, finally I decided to perform a little experiment - I scooped up a big blob and put it on my face where I let it rest for a while - the alcohol scent was eminent and my skin was burning (well, not burning - but it wasn't a tingle either).

All in all, this was just horrible.

Invest if you're going for snail slime...

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