Sally Hansen: Miracle Nail Thickener

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Being a person with utterly terrible nails I'm always interested in making them appear healthier and giving them strength, well groomed nails can make the entire hand look great.
An advanced thickening treatment targeting soft, thin and ridged nails. Exclusive calcium and ceramic gel formula reinforces and smoothes nails. Fortifying treatment fills in ridges and imperfections so nails look smooth, healthy and shiny. The results? Thicker, harder, stronger nails that last! 

The Miracle Nail Thickener claims to thicken the nails up to 70 % in 4 days, but for me it was more like 0 %. Having heard next to only great things about Sally Hansen this was a real bust for me, firstly, the brush is rounded, which means that you have to go over the nails several times to get an even layer - since the formula is rather thick it's also hard to manoeuvre to get a thin application. I would have preferred a flatter and wider brush.

The results in itself isn't very great and the instructions weren't super clear, but I applied (or attempted to) an even layer every day for four days, in between the removal I used another product that I'll review later on, but every time I kept thinking that it did nothing for my nails when it was on it and it certainly didn't improve my nail.

The layers can get a little rubbery and little bubbles can be created throughout it which aids it in peeling, something that I don't really like. Also, because of the consistency I find that it doesn't dry fast enough and a bump can leave impressions on your freshly painted nails.

Save your money.

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