Oskia: Renaissance Cleansing Gel

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I'm always trying to look for products that my skin will eat up and turn into beauty and since I heard a lot of great things about Oskia I decided to try it. I actually bought this in 2013 and finished it in 2014 and it's been on my mind since forever, but here it finally is: the review.
With Vitamins A, C & E, Omega 6, Starflower Oil, Pumpkin Enzymes, Chamomile & Rose
(For all skin types, particularly combination, normal, dull or dry)
A new generation non-foaming cleansing gel-to-oil that melts into skin to quickly and gently remove impurities and makeup while actively illuminating and nourishing to reveal balanced, clean, fresh, radiant skin that feels soft and smooth. Wonderfully rich in vitamins and enzymes.
This is not exactly the easiest brand to get a hold of, since the only place I can get it at is Fenwick of Bond Street in London and it's not exactly an everyday destination, nevertheless, I did rummage Oxford Street to try and locate the cleanser (talk about dedication) and (obviously) managed to find it.

Starting off, this cleanser was so strange in the beginning because it's a gel-oil cleanser, it doesn't lather at all, and it goes on dry skin (it has to, otherwise it "melts" away). After I'd got used to it I began to love it and since I didn't even need a full pump it lasted me several months, partially because I didn't use it all that much during the summer because of my combo-skin, but it's especially perfect for the drier months since the cleanser is really moisturising and the skin feels incredibly smooth afterwards (it might feel a little like residue, but just put a moisturiser over as per usual and it will sink in), it also removes make-up excellently (due to its oiliness).

The bottle has changed a little since I bought it in 2013, it used to be 150 ml for £32.50 and now they sell a bottle of 100 ml for £28 so from roughly £0.22/ml it's now £0.28/ml - so it's become a little more expensive.

All in all, sucks that it's more expensive but I love it for my skin.

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