Haircare Experiment: No-Poo/Conditioner Only Method

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I am terrible at updating these days; I've been busy with work, school, and training, so whatever time I have left is spent in front of the TV (because I suck that way). Also, I'm having a bit of a drought when it comes to ideas, my skin isn't exactly on par, so I'm avoiding any videos at the moment.

Onto something more interesting; I have been using the "no-poo method" (also, "conditioning method" for some) for the past couple of weeks (almost three months, November 24th to February 23rd - if I would have realised that I started 24th, I would have ended it on the 24th as well, argh).

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The method: Basically, the deal is to give yourself one final wash (with a shampoo - or detergent for dirty dishes also work) and then stop using shampoos and only use conditioners without sulphates, silicones, and all those shitty goodies that create build-up in the hair. Instead, the hear is cleaned via manually massaging it into the scalp.

My hair: dry, curly, loads of volume (how can there not be when it physically holds itself away from the face?), non-oily - a prime candidate for this method.

The results: I didn't find it to be that much different from using a shampoo and conditioner because the hair really does get clean and I didn't go through a transition phase where the hair gets super greasy. I've also used (pure) oils in my hair during this experiment, and I can get it all out without any problems. However, my hair was a little bit too dry after using this method and I think it's because of the lack of silicones - I had nothing to protect my already-dry hair once I stopped using silicone-free products. Also, I missed hair oils so much!

In conclusion, I think this method is suitable for a person with medium oily hair. My dry and curly hair didn't exactly get frizzier, but it did not look as vivacious and bouncy as the advocates claim that it would be.

Give me silicones!

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