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After almost six months of rigorous use, I have finally gone through the cleanser, serum, and cream from the Primaluce series of the high-end Italian beauty brand Bioline-Jato. Here's a review of the three products:

Cleansing Gel Exfoliating Renovating:

Precious gel that gently cleanses the skin deep down, eliminating all traces of make-up and impurities. Lightly exfoliating, it leaves the skin feeling softer and more radiant.
I keep thinking that I'm not going to buy another expensive cleanser (roughly £31), but then I get right back off the wagon and succumb to my need for luxury (hrm). For the price tag this was a pretty disappointing product. Have you ever washed your face with a cleanser and felt as if it's not totally clean? This was so strange since I normally feel like gel cleansers are the best at really giving the squeaky-clean sensation. I don't feel as if it eliminated all traces of make-up and impurities, and my skin didn't feel softer or look more radiant. You'd be better off buying a generic cleanser instead of this one.

Serum 15 % Exfoliating Illuminating: 

A concentrated exfoliating serum that illuminates the skin and stimulates cellular turnover. Effective on liver spots and signs of aging through a unifying and anti-aging cosmetic action.
I was recommended this whole series by a skin therapist (these are all very "heavy-duty" products that are meant to give results) and this was apparently the shit for all kinds of skin problems. She kept talking about how you could "feel it working" since it gave off a prickling sensation (it sure did). This is not a serum I would waste my precious money on (£48, but I bought the serum and the cream in a set for roughly £70). It's supposed to be good for both morning and night, but whenever I applied it during the day it made my skin greasy/oily/shiny after a couple of hours. That's just not anything I like. I also experimented a little by not applying anything to my forehead for a while, but it didn't make that much of a difference.

Cream Hydrating Renovating:

Cream with a renewing and moisturizing cosmetic action that stimulates cellular turnover. It makes the signs of skin aging less visible, leaving the skin surface more refined, smoother and more radiant.
I do have to say that out of the three products this was my favourite. Although it was quite prickly on the skin, it gave a lot of moisture with just a little bit of product and it lasted all day without being heavy on the face. Is it mind-blowing? Not exactly, but it is a pretty good all-round cream; however, since I'm not a fan of the odd tingling (and the price tag is £48), I won't be repurchasing. There are bound to be cheaper creams out there that do roughly the same thing for a less hefty price.

Not something I would repurchase.

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