Aesop: Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser

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So it turns out there's an Aesop shop in the Notting Hill area, so after having browsed through their product at Westfield (anyone else who keeps forgetting the name and want to say Whitefield or Whitfield? No? Just me? Ok) and receiving some monetary funds for helping out with my cousins, I finally settled on the cleanser (by the way, the employees are super generous with samples!).
Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser
A gentle gel cleanser for all skin types, particularly combination or troubled. This clarifying gel thoroughly removes surface impurities and offers mild exfoliation from Lactic Acid. Ideal for maintaining immaculately clean skin in polluted urban environments.
When you go to pick this up you get to choose between two sizes. The smaller one at 100 ml and the bigger at 200 ml - obviously there's a price difference. I went with the smaller and paid £25 (actually, I paid £30, because there was a mix-up that I didn't realise had happened until afterwards, but oh well). The bottle doesn't come with a pump, but I was offered one by the clerk. The stem was a little long, but it was easily cut.

I'm not a huge fan of glass bottles as I'm constantly worried about knocking them off the shelves (not that that happens all that often), but at least this one is made out of pretty sturdy glass. I like the look of it - sort of an old fashioned medicine bottle - and it looks pretty cool standing in the bathroom.

I was fairly pleased with the product. It's a very gentle cleanser that doesn't irritate the face and it smells pretty interesting. I wouldn't say that it did anything for my acne, but my skin looked pretty good after having used it for a while (not wow results). Personally I wouldn't spend £25 on this cleanser even though it lasted me for about 2.5 months (and I was pretty liberal with my usage), but for someone with sensitive combo skin it might be a good option.

I've been trying to write this for a while, but Windows has not been cooperating.

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