GlamGlow: ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser

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The GlamGlow mud treatments are very loved across the world (I have yet to try them), so when they came out with a cleanser I was thoroughly curious.

A revolutionary Mud to Foam™ daily cleanser that combines the Power of Mud and the Performance of Foam. THIRSTYCLEANSE™ transforms from a luxurious mud into a moisture-rich foaming lather to gently & effectively rinse away make-up, dirt & impurities while moisturizing your skin. Designed For Men & Women. THIRSTYCLEANSE™ for a Super Hydrated Super Clean Complexion.
At around £26 this isn't the cheapest cleanser on the market (nor the priciest), so I waited for a discount to hit me up before I got it. It boasts that it'll make your skin super hydrated, which was perfect for me since my skin is very dehydrated.

It's a pretty good cleanser; it gets the dirt away and the smell is super nice (think of caramel). Interestingly enough I found it to be drying and not very hydrating at all. Now, that's not really all that surprising considering it claims to have the Power of Mud (since mud masks tend to be a bit drying), but it seems to defeat the purpose of the product. The closer I got to winter, the dryer my skin became.

The instructions says to use 1-2 pumps of product which, in my opinion, is way to much. This dispenses quite a lot, and I found it to be a straight up waste to use more than the size of a pea (or two). Since I was a bit thrifty with my bottle it lasted for over six months (which was annoying in the end when I thought I was running out and bought another cleanser).

All in all I won't be repurchasing this product. For people who have oily/combo skin and aren't too dehydrated this might be a good one.

The smell is bomb!

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