Kalahari: Enzyme Face Buff

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I came upon this brand when I was away at a spa getting a facial (not the regular "rough" kind, more of a relaxing facial massage and pampering) - I wouldn't say that it's very well known. All of the products are quite aromatic and gentle.

About £25 - depending on where you get it.

A gentle, vegetable-based enzyme facial buff that removes unwanted dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin radiant, clean and refreshed.
This is super gentle - as in there's barely any effect at all (if any). The texture is a little bit gritty, but not enough to create a buff, and the product is extremely creamy and kind of leaves a residue on the skin. Honestly I feel like it doesn't do too much, but perhaps for people with extremely sensitive skin this would be a better alternative.

The lady at the spa did say that the procedure I had done (which was with all Kalahari products) isn't for the actual skin effect, but for relaxation.


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