Estelle & Thild: BIOCLEANSE Silky Soft Cleansing Milk

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Since I haven't found an amazing, magical, wonderful cleanser yet, I always try to switch up the brand when I go for a new one (they last pretty long, so it's not a frequent thing). My last attempt was from a Swedish brand known for its gentleness.

Roughly £16

Treat the skin with a silky smooth blend of nourishing organic ingredients. This comforting cleansing milk is developed to nourish dry skin while melting away makeup and impurities. The milky formula is infused with Black Elderflower to comfort and purify the skin.
I got this during winter time when I really started to dry up in the face, hoping that it would be sort of hydrating; however, this is a really thin and milky cleanser that isn't very powerful, and I don't particularly think that it's any good at removing make-up residue (whenever I wore make-up). It also has kind of a strange scent to it.

If you have really sensitive skin and don't use a lot of make-up this might be for you!

Like water.

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