Biotherm: Aquasource Cocoon

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If you have dehydrated combo skin (just like me), you'll know the struggles of finding the perfect moisturiser. They're either too greasy or not moisturising enough. I came upon this moisturiser by chance as my mother had ordered a YSL tint-in-oil for me and received a "tester". As a sorry-we-fucked-up, they sent back the right product along with a bunch of samples.

Aquasource Cocoon provides the extra nourishment and protection skin needs to survive winter, all with the 48-hour1 deep hydration of Aquasource. Skin is instantly nourished, hydrated and protected. As if wrapped in a caring, silky veil all day-long.
This £35 moisturiser is a mid/high price moisturiser that claims to deeply hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours. I've never not washed my face for that long, but I can assure that the hydration lasts me through a long day of uni (or work) without leaving my face looking like a greasy mess - or tight from dryness for that matter. If it's a particularly hot day my nose might get a little sweaty, but one wipe and that's about it.

Do I wish that the product was cheaper? Hell yes. I wish I had skin that could take those £5 products, but alas I have acne and sensitive skin. Is it good? Definitely. I've tried several different moisturiser during the past 1.5 years and this has stayed my favourite one to date.

Always on the hunt for beautiful skin.

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